Monday 11 June 2012

Win the new T-Shirt!

A lovely big box of Zombina and the Skeletones T-Shirts, badges and stickers just arrived. The very ones we were supposed to be selling at Gothic Pogo Festival in Leipzig last month... so let it be known that we fully endorse Interlink and their "next day delivery" service, even if that is a strange thing to call it when the the package turns up several weeks late...

...hmm, could it just be bad karma from all the ZATS merchandise we've sent out late over the years? Just in case it is - here is an offer that we hope will redress the balance:

Win one of everything in the box (t-shirt, sticker and five different badges) by being the first to answer this question correctly, either in the comments below or in an email to (subj: "I Win Everything")...

Before Zombina and the Skeletones were called Zombina and the Skeletones, what name did we call the band?

If you're not lucky enough to be the one who wins everything - keep your eyes on the shop page. All the stuff will be on sale later this week.

The answer was The Deformed. Competition over. Winners better send photos, or else.


  1. The Deformed. Bah, wasn't first. :)

  2. ZATS were called "The Deformed".

  3. They started as 'The Deformed' ...

  4. Well done, junior detectives. You worked out the brain-twister!
    Tarka wins the comments, and somebody won the email race too - so they both get prizes.
    The rest of you get NO PRIZES. Hope you like them.

    Well played,