Saturday 30 June 2012

Death Valley High

In 2006 we released "Death Valley High", a 13 song concept album that told the story of a scorned nerd girl who brought death-ray destruction to her high school. It's the token "underrated classic" of the ZATS discography, and as such - we've still got a shitload of physical copies left over. Which is good news for you!

You can easily stream or download the album in it's entirety from our Bandcamp page, but if you go the extra mile and buy the actual CD you get to bask in the glory of it's gold trophy winning inlay art - featuring the Class 5A yearbook; hidden song lyrics; and subtle clues to the whats, whys, and wherefores of the mystery at the heart of Death Valley High!

If feel like you want to sleuth it out, go and order one from the shop page, right this instant.

If you just came for the music, here's Death Valley High in digital form! 

Sunday 17 June 2012

Breaking News: Yorkshire Man Wins Secret Shirt

Here's Tarka "The Otter" of Yorkshire, our lucky competition winner - being the first person ever to wear this stupidly cool new ZATS t-shirt...
Soon, soon, my pretties... these things will be posted on the shop page! We've messed up a little bit and didn't order any 'ladies' sizes in this batch: so, in the name of equal rights we will wait for them to arrive before we put the shirts on sale. Along with these hip, hip  badges and this kinda functional sticker...

"The shirt and badges arrived this morning, loving the new design! The new logo looks massively awesome in black & white too - my second favourite zats tee after the old "Mondo Zombina" one!" - Tarka

Tuesday 12 June 2012

Free El Toro EP!

Ever heard Doc Horror's other band, El Toro!? If not, here's your chance! This free-to-download El Toro EP  also features Skeletone Ben Digo on drums and was produced by the same guy who did Teenage Caveman Beat Gargantua and Charnel House Rock for us! If you like your surfadaelic sixties garage punk sounds, you'll be a seriously happy camper when you get into this...

"A Liverpudlian quartet who cross Link Wray and The Ventures with The Sonics and The Cramps for a sweaty set of '60's snarl and grind rockers.." - Shindig Magazine

Monday 11 June 2012

The Shane

Shane is a right good illustrator from Wrexham ways. He's been giving us random bits of excellent ZATS related artwork for years. Every now and then he sends us something like that, or like this...
... If you like those, you'll love the rest of his stuff, which can be found at

Win the new T-Shirt!

A lovely big box of Zombina and the Skeletones T-Shirts, badges and stickers just arrived. The very ones we were supposed to be selling at Gothic Pogo Festival in Leipzig last month... so let it be known that we fully endorse Interlink and their "next day delivery" service, even if that is a strange thing to call it when the the package turns up several weeks late...

...hmm, could it just be bad karma from all the ZATS merchandise we've sent out late over the years? Just in case it is - here is an offer that we hope will redress the balance:

Win one of everything in the box (t-shirt, sticker and five different badges) by being the first to answer this question correctly, either in the comments below or in an email to (subj: "I Win Everything")...

Before Zombina and the Skeletones were called Zombina and the Skeletones, what name did we call the band?

If you're not lucky enough to be the one who wins everything - keep your eyes on the shop page. All the stuff will be on sale later this week.

The answer was The Deformed. Competition over. Winners better send photos, or else.

Thursday 7 June 2012

Revenge of the Zombie Back Catalogue

We've just uploaded all of our back-catalogue (well, almost) to the all new Zombina and the Skeletones bandcamp page. You can stream most of it, or choose your price to download the whole thing in any format you like. The first three tracks of each album are free to download. Choose your own price to download the whole thing in any format you like!

Check out this one, for instance, which hasn't seen the light of day for some time... the lost mini-album from 2003, "Halloween Hollerin'!" If you download it, you'll be rewarded with two bonus tracks that don't feature in this player.
...and there's plenty more where that came from!

Wednesday 6 June 2012

"Futurelife" Video

So, yeah, remember at the end of the "Teenage Caveman Beat Gargantua" video, we got taken away by a spaceship? This is what happened on that spaceship. We've turned from early neanderthals into advanced beings of cosmic enlightenment... Zombinalien, Dr. Aculus, Bendroid500, Rex Spectrum and The Bass Trooper! Get it?

If anyone even thinks about telling George Lucas about that Bass Trooper, though, we will vaporize your home planet. Swear to god.

We still have 45's of this and "Teenage Caveman Beat Gargantua" over at the shop page on the main site. If you don't own one, you need to change that. We can help.

How to draw Zombina

Of course, you were all wondering how to draw Zombina. We've all asked ourselves that question at one time  or another, so it's a good thing we have Jim's Cartoon Tube to show us the way. Watch his other videos, too as he's a fab artist. Fast too! Look at that hand go...

NEW Doc Horror interview

It was time for somebody to break the mysterious silence surrounding "Charnel House Rock"... Hear what our guitarist and cheif Skeletone - Doc Horror had to say on the subject of music piracy, The Walking Dead, and 14 years in the band under your bed, when he spoke to South African alt. rock news site ""...

New single - Teenage Caveman Beat Gargantua

The Jurassic monster that is our new single, the creationist anthem, "Teenage Caveman Beat Gargantua" is available to buy right now over at the shop page. It's on LIMITED EDITION GREEN VINYL!
It's got the conceptastically space-age "Futurelife" on the other side! It's got Darren Merinuk artwork. It's a rock monolith for the ages!!!

You can also download it as an MP3 from iTunes, Amazon and most good MP3 vendors!

The Early Years Pt.1 (1998-1999)

Part one of a monthly *cough, cough* history series that looks back at the beginnings of The Band Under Your Bed, how they came into being  - and just how many ex-members there must be out there. This month, we're taking you right back to 1998-99 – in “A Prelude to Terror”…


Zombina and Doc Horror met as kids, while studying at Calderstones Comprehensive School in Liverpool, 1998. A shared love of pop music and bad movies led the teen-age couple to start a band together...
Their first recording, a demo cassette called “No Sleep ‘Til Transylvania” (featuring Zombina on bass and vocals and Doc Horror on guitar and vocals, playing over drumbeats from a Yamaha keyboard) was used to recruit new members for the band, which at the time was called – The Deformed!

Wanna hear The Deformed !?

L-R: Doc, Cesar, Zombina, She-Thing, Shock-Headed Peter
The first and only show as The Deformed took place at an all-day punk-fest at Guinan’s Bar in 1999, with Zombina and Doc Horror alternating on bass and vocals, joined by Shockheaded Peter (guitar), Tiddles & She Thing (backing vocals) and Cesar (drums). They played the only five songs they knew, but it was enough to win over the larger portion of the underage drinkers in attendance, and to convince Zombina and Doc to pursue the band more seriously…
Yep, Marilyn Manson!
From then on, they began to haunt the North West as Zombina and the Skeletones, acquiring more members along the way – and by the end of the year they had recorded the “Love Bites” EP.
Wanna hear some Love Bites!?
By now, the line-up had expanded into; Zombina (vocals), Doc Horror (bass/vocals), Grim Outlook (guitar), Kit Shivers (guitar), Jonny Tokyo (keys), Uncle Bowels (drums), Velma (vocals), She-Thing (vocals) and Tiddles (bass/cello/vocals)… and when it came to re-recording “Frankenlady” for a promo video, they were joined by occasional member, Haj (saxophone)…
…which may seem like an excessive number of members – but it was nothing compared to what was to follow, as Zombina and the Skeletones travelled forward in time... into the YEAR 2000!!!
Clockwise from top: Grim, Doc, Uncle Bowels, Tiddles, Kit, Jonny Tokyo, Zombina & Velma
To be continued…

"Charnel House Rock" Coming Soon...

It’s nearly time to announce the release date of the new Zombina and the Skeletones album, “Charnel House Rock”, coming soon from Ectoplastic Records!

Zombina is back from the grave once again after losing her voice from too much screamin’, and this time she’s pissed off! She’s got a lot to say about the state of society, dolls that try to kill you, fear, misery and cavemen, and you can hear it all on “Charnel House Rock”!

“Charnel House Rock”  will the first album by the current set of Skeletones, featuring Kal Kylen and the X Spectre, fresh from 4 years training on tour – making this album the unveiling of the new sax-and-darkness powered sound that calls itself “Charnel House Rock”!

…but before we unleash Godzilla on you, try this preliminary T-Rex – in the form of the first single from “Charnel House Rock”, and one more exclusive track – on a limited edition 7” double A side single named “TEENAGE CAVEMAN BEAT GARGANTUA” / “FUTURELIFE"

See below for a sneak preview of another "Charnel House Rock" song - introducing X Ray Speck on sax, it's... "Ginferno"!

What's going on!?

We've decided that Blogger is easier to use than the built in blog we had on the site, so we've gone ahead and deleted it. All pertinent posts from the past will be copied onto here, and we'll be able to bring you new updates a lot faster without all that messing about...

"ZATS Blog. Take 6. ACTION!!!"