Tuesday 25 February 2014

New Zombina Album Reviewed in Bizarre, Shindig! and Vive Le Rock...

OMG print magazines made of real paper still exist in the outside world! Great news! They also like to print 8/10 reviews of the new ZATS album, which makes it even better. Check these out...

Monday 24 February 2014

Louderthanbombs Reviews Charnel House Rock

Thanks to Louderthanbombs website for their sweet review of Charnel House Rock. Check it out...

In other news, if you like a good podcast then try the Mick Mercer Radio Show. He hasn't played any ZATS yet, but last week he played both White Blacula and Double Echo, and this week BEAT BATS! If you don't know Mick, he's an authority on goth music from back in the day. He wrote The Hex Files and put out the excellent 'Gothic Rock' series of compilations which everyone seemed to have at one time...

PS It's the last call for pre-orders this week! Charnel House Rock is out March 3rd... after that I guess we're going to have to start simply calling them 'orders'.

Saturday 22 February 2014


Evening. Here's a brand new song to get you ready for Charnel House Rock, opening an extensive 31 track compilation of new horror punk and spooky electronic sounds, which you can download here.

Also, be sure to check out this month's 6ft Plus podcast which can be found at at http://6ftplus.gravediggerslocal.com/2014/02/episode-94-its-a-beautiful-world-for-you/ which is pretty much a self contained DEVO tribute album, with all manner of Devo covers and Devo inspired music (like our track "Futurelife")... the show also features a great six-point review of CHARNEL HOUSE ROCK (out May 3rd)!

Friday 14 February 2014


Love is Strange, featuring Argyle Goolsby of Blitzkid.

Because we love you.

Don't forget "Charnel House Rock" is out March 3rd.

Click here if you love the artwork.