Wednesday 6 June 2012

"Charnel House Rock" Coming Soon...

It’s nearly time to announce the release date of the new Zombina and the Skeletones album, “Charnel House Rock”, coming soon from Ectoplastic Records!

Zombina is back from the grave once again after losing her voice from too much screamin’, and this time she’s pissed off! She’s got a lot to say about the state of society, dolls that try to kill you, fear, misery and cavemen, and you can hear it all on “Charnel House Rock”!

“Charnel House Rock”  will the first album by the current set of Skeletones, featuring Kal Kylen and the X Spectre, fresh from 4 years training on tour – making this album the unveiling of the new sax-and-darkness powered sound that calls itself “Charnel House Rock”!

…but before we unleash Godzilla on you, try this preliminary T-Rex – in the form of the first single from “Charnel House Rock”, and one more exclusive track – on a limited edition 7” double A side single named “TEENAGE CAVEMAN BEAT GARGANTUA” / “FUTURELIFE"

See below for a sneak preview of another "Charnel House Rock" song - introducing X Ray Speck on sax, it's... "Ginferno"!

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