Tuesday 3 May 2016


Boils and Ghouls, it is our pleasure to introduce to you, our Zombina's latest venture... Her brand new website ALLIGATOR WINE! 

Zombina says: 
"Like it's namesake (the legendary Screamin' Jay Hawkins song) ALLIGATOR WINE is a real witches brew of all the darker side of my life's inspiration. A pinch of fear, a squeeze of heartache, finely shredded joy and wonder, & several heaped spoonfuls of death... all bound with tons of magic, mayhem and showing off! All of my original pieces are inspired by Movies, Songs, Books or Folklore, and every item brings something special and unique to your everyday look. Although I admit "Grrrrrls" are often in my mind when I'm designing, I class all items as gender neutral, they can and should be worn by everyone!" ​

Zombina wears "DEVVIS Wooly Witches Hat" featuring a black cat totem, hand screened and hand sewn by Zombina and her A.W. familiars! And if you've read this far, congrats!... Your prize is 20% OFF anything / everything from ALLIGATOR WINE if you checkout before FRIDAY 13th MAY! Just enter discount code: ZOMBINAARMYFRIDAY13 at the checkout!

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