Wednesday 3 September 2014


"It's been in the works since 2002, and now with VERY GREAT pleasure I can formerly announce that ZOMBINA AND THE SKELETONES! ARE FINALLY. FUCKING FINALLY COMING TO THE UNITED STATES this coming SUMMER and debuting stateside at GHOULS NIGHT OUT FEST 2015. Now this being said, this is NOT going to be cheap or easy, but we've put our heads together and devised a plan. This all depends on YOU. Zombina and the boys will be launching a crowd sourcing campaign shortly to get their undead asses over here. So we're gonna need as much of your help as possible, this whole thing hinges on YOU the fan. YOU have the power to decide the fate of Zombina!" 
- Matt Pathetic, Ghouls Night Out Fest, NJ 

To be continued...


  1. Even if I can't make it to the show, I'll be throwing some money at you so you can come over here.

  2. Keep us informed! I would love to see you all live!