Sunday 29 September 2013

Zombina and the Skeletones Halloween Shows!

Halloween is nearly all up on us again, and the halloween-mega-album-release-tour we were 'planning' never really made it into the organisational stages... we've all been a little distracted with other projects and the perpetually cursed Charnel House Rock album keeps running into delay after delay down at the pressing plant (though, the patient among you will be pleased to hear that it IS currently being pressed and MAY even be available sometime in the next month) so we've ended up with just two shows and a vague sense that an album is about to arrive. Nevertheless we're still very excited to be getting to play out again.

We got...




So unless you're in the north of England, you're not gonna get to party with ZATS this Halloween. Boo. Once the album gets here, however, we'll book a real life tour and the rest of you can get a look in!

We're currently locked out of our main mailing list, so if you know someone who would benefit from the above information, please pass this on, as they might be lost..

And look...

Here's a sneak peak at some of the artwork from Charnel House Rock, which the amazing Jase Harper did for us back in 2009, before we even started recording the album. It's taken us that long to finally use it. We're sorry, Jase. We're sorry, everyone. 

See you in Sheffield and Liverpool!


  1. Hooray! Can't wait to finally hear it! Bring that Charnel House Rock n' Roll to Philly please!

    1. :) They've assured us that it is coming, but won't give us an estimated date... Neeaaaarrrly though!

    2. The official release date is February 3rd.

  2. The art looks great! Will this be on LP or is it CD only?

  3. YAY! Sleeve looks fab... can't wait to finally get it!

  4. At last! So fucking happy for the news!