Tuesday, 2 December 2014


Astound your friends with the all-new "black metal" style t-shirt from our shop page...

We went white when LEGENDARY Metal Logo artist, Christophe Szpajdel designed us THIS absolute beauty! To celebrate we're including a free download of our angry anthem "Raised In Hell", so paint your face, smear some blood, grow your hair and dye it black, put on this T-shirt, that song, and GO CRAZY!!! 

(Wouldn't this make a great Christmas gift?)


  1. Dear Zombina and friends:

    You have many plus-size fans who'd love to support and promote the band by purchasing a t-shirt (I'm one of these)... but cannot, due to your habitually not offering anything in our size.

    Please consider changing this policy, even if it means charging more for said plus-size apparel. I know I'd be both proud *and * happy to sport a "Charnel House Rock" or "Taste toe Blood of Zombina and the Skeletones" shirt in public, making others aware of my favorite band. ;)


    Kent in Seattle

    1. Hi Kent! It's not a policy of ours not to stock XL shirts :D they're just sold out right now as they tend to be very popular compared to the smaller sizes. Next time we get some in I will comment on here again to let you know!

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